ABCDE Nights

1st year night:
This normally runs in November, with the idea being that it will be after the first clinical skills sessions in respiratory.
This night usually uses a mixture of simulation and teaching from our committee members. These scenarios are meant to be fun and challenging but don’t worry, we’ll guide you through them and by the end, you’ll feel like a pro.

2nd Year night:
This will normally run in early January and will consist of again, a series of scenarios but we will not be doing as much teaching, but more “facilitating.” You will be in groups of 6 though and don’t worry, you can ask your colleagues for help if you get really stuck, but you won’t because we won’t expect anything from you that you haven’t already learned about.

3rd Year Night
Normally running in December, run again with mostly simulation and committee members “facilitating.” It is pretty much identical to the 2nd year night except with stations that are more appropriate your level of learning…we always got feedback that stations were too easy from third years so we thought we’d give you a little bit of a challenge, but again, don’t worry, it’s nothing you won’t have seen before!

4th and 5th Year night
Due to the skill set needed, we run this night in conjuction with our F1/F2 colleagues and as such, the date is highly changeable due to their scheduling! Check back later for more details!