Meet the Committee

Aaron Duff – President

Hi all, I’m Aaron and it’s my 5th (and sadly last!) year on the DECCS Committee. I’m looking forward this year to leading the society that’s given me so much over my entire time at uni, encouraging more people to get involved with anything acute and providing teaching to every year along the way. I’m interested in anything emergency based and am forever switching between my preferred specialty, but hope by the end of this year I’ll have seen a bit of everything! Please come and chat to me if you see me around, happy to speak (often too much) about DECCS and uni and life!

Ainslie Taylor – VP

Hello, my name is Ainslie and I am the DECCS Vice-President. This is my 4th year on the committee of this great society and I’m really excited to see what this year will hold! I thoroughly enjoyed leading the society last year and I am aiming to up the ante again this year in terms of the teaching and events that we deliver. I am interested in Pre-Hospital and Emergency Medicine which I have pursued over the last 3 years as part of this society. Outside of this, I enjoy being up a hill in my boots or on my bike, travelling, and eating ice cream – preferably all at once.

Rosslyn Waite – Treasurer

Hello! I’m Rosslyn, and I’ll be one of the treasurer for this year. I have always been a fan of all things DECCS (not just because of the pizza, honest) so am so excited to have a chance to get involved with this incredible society and be a part of what’s to come! I’m currently in 5th year, and love all things acute so am hoping to get into anaesthetics and/or pre-hospital medicine, especially in rural settings. Outside of this, you can find me wandering around up north, playing squash (badly) or anything else involving food.

Apryl Northrup – Secretary

Hello, my name is Apryl and I am the secretary this year! Growing up in the wilderness of Canada gave me an appreciation of how important emergency care is, as well as a passion for it. This is my third year being involved in the DECCS committee. I’m thrilled to be a part of this fantastic society and excited for the plans DECCS has in store! If I’m not checking the emails, I’ll be found in the hills or dragging friends into tourist shops!

Scott McIldowie – Events Coordinator

Hello, I’m Scott and this year I will be an events coordinator for DECCS. This is my second year in DECCS and I will be bringing enthusiasm to the society and look forward to working alongside the rest of DECCS.

Katie Bone – Events Coordinator

Hello, I am Katie and I am one of the events coordinators! This is my second year on DECCS and I don’t intend on it being my last…! The events drive my passion for emergency medicine (& pizza) and the committee are a truly amazing bunch to be around. I hope this year I can bring lots of fun & fab ideas to the society and go crazier with the moulage.

Calum Friel – Events Coordinator

Hi there! My name is Calum Friel and I am an events Co-ordinator. It’s been an honour to lead such a fantastic society last year, and I am thoroughly looking forward to the year ahead. I am 5th Year having done a BMSc year. My areas of interest are all that is encompassed by DECCS, however, my heart lies with the helicopter heroes! 

Emily Brown – PR & Social Media Representative

Hey I’m Emily and I’m the PR & Social Media rep. I’ll be advertising and helping organise events. I intercalated in Medical Education and I’m very interested in a career in emergency medicine so being a part of DECCS is a perfect way to combine teaching with a specialty I enjoy. I’m so excited to be back on the committee this year and can’t wait for what we’ve got planned for the year ahead!

Eilidh Martin – 5th Year Representative

Hey, I’m Eilidh and I’m the current 5th Year Rep for DECCS. My role is to keep 5th years in the know about all our fantastic events and to help organise and teach at these nights. This is my fourth year on the committee and I just love emergency medicine and pre-hospital care. I am so proud to be a part of DECCS for another year and hope to help make this our best year yet.

Sruthi Ravichandran – 4th Year Representative

Hallo! I’m Sruthi and I’m your fourth year rep. It might be a new year, but I’m back again with DECCS for the fourth year running and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m excited to take on a new role this year (get ready for all the fb posts xx) and continue on with all things emergency med and pre-hospital. When I’m not cutting about in my red DECCS t-shirt, you can find me bouncing up hills or crafting away.

Cole Roberts – Year 3 Representative

Hey! I’m Cole and I’m the 3rd year rep for DECCS. I have a particular interest in anaesthetics and neurological trauma as well as a passion for teaching (I also think red really brings out my eyes). I’ll keep my year posted on the fascinating conferences, helpful revision nights and eye-opening events in addition to answering any queries you have about this great society!

Andrew Mearns – Year 2 Representative

Hi, I’m Andrew and I’m your Year 2 rep for DECCS. This means I’ll be the main point of contact between my year group and the DECCS team. This is my first year on committee (the baby of the team!) but I’m looking forward to working alongside such a great team in the year ahead!

Miranda King – Teaching Role

Hi I’m Miranda and this is my first year on the committee in a teaching role. I am in my 4th year at Dundee and currently doing a BMSc in Cardiovascular and Diabetes Medicine. I am really excited to be joining the committee, but in my spare time I really enjoying walking, yoga and doing arty stuff when I can. I also love travel, but mainly as a way to escape my problems.

Molly Richard – Teaching Role

Hello! I’m Molly and I’m one of the current 4th year students. I’m so excited to be a part of DECCS and can’t wait to see what this year holds. I have one of the teaching roles and I’m looking forward to giving something back to the society after having benefited so much from all the events I’ve been to. I love the fast pace of emergency medicine and hope to bring some of my enthusiasm to the society this year. In my spare time you can find me playing music, running (slowly) and just generally having a good giggle.

Laura Riddoch – Teaching Role

Hey, I’m Laura and I’m really excited to be taking on one of the teaching roles for DECCS this year! I am currently in 5th Year and have an interest in A&E, anaesthetics and pre-hospital medicine. I’ve been attending DECCS events since my first year and I’m so pleased to be a part of such a great society and can’t wait to get stuck in! Outside of medicine you’ll find me on the squash court or trying to convince people to stay in and play board games with me.

Emily Tang – Teaching Role

Hey, I’m Emily and I am one of the event co-ordinators this year! I am in my 4th year and this is my second year being on the DECCS committee. I’m really excited to get organizing and enjoy another year being part of such a fantastic society! Emergencies can happen anywhere so outside of DECCS you can find me playing my violin and making waves in the swimming pool.

Charlotte Watson – Teaching Role

Hey there, my name is Charlotte and I’m super excited to be part of the DECCS teaching team this year. I’m in 5th year and passionate about all things anaesthetics and emergency med. I spend my down time baking and doing yoga, and I’m the current Vice President of the Dundee Uni Aerial Society. This is my first year on DECCS and I’m super excited to get involved!