Meet the Committee

Ainslie Taylor – President

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Aaron Duff – VP

Hi all, I’m Aaron and I’m your VP this year. It’s my fourth year on DECCS and I’m very keen to get even more people involved and spread around the ABCDE love. When I’m not  ABCDEing, I’m rowing (did you know I’m a rower?!). Emergency medicine is a big interest of mine and where I see myself going after uni, so hopefully I can pass this on to others this year! 

Fearghal O’Brien – Secretary

Hi I’m Fearghal, your secretary for DECCS. I’m one of the 5th years and I’m responsible for more of the admin things as well as events planning and teaching. This is my 4th and sadly, final Year with DECCS and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m usually the one bouncing about with excitement at our events and so will you when you see what’s coming! Otherwise, I enjoy eating, baking (just so I can eat it), photography (badly) and talking…a lot

Eilidh Martin – Treasurer

Hey, I’m Eilidh and I’m the current Treasurer for DECCS. My role is to keep our finances in order and help organise and teach at our events. This is my third year on the committee and I just love emergency medicine and pre-hospital care. I am so proud to be part of DECCS for another year and hope to help make this our best year yet.

Sruthi Ravichandran – PR and Social Media Rep

Hallo! I’m Sruthi and I’m PR and Social Media Rep this year! I made the snap decision to apply for a DECCS committee post when I was at the end of first year and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made so far! This is my third year on committee and it’s been a crazy roller coaster ride. I had never really considered the possibility of a career in emergency medicine but DECCS has made me a changed person! Can’t wait to bring more DECCS events and love to you.

Laura Meney – Events Co-ordinator

Laura here, your 5th year events co-ordinator and your committee anaesthetics fanatic. I’ve been part of DECCS for 4 years now and it’s truly been one of the highlights of medical school for me! Big fan of hillwalking & not acting my age. Can be found permanently attached to a can of diet coke…

Calum Friel – Events Co-ordinator

Hi there! My name is Calum Friel and I am an events Co-ordinator. It’s been an honour to lead such a fantastic society last year, and I am thoroughly looking forward to the year ahead. I am 4th Year having done a BMSc last year. My areas of interest are all that is encompassed by DECCS, however, my heart lies with the helicopter heroes! 

Rosslyn Waite – Events Co-ordinator

Hello! I’m Rosslyn, and I’ll be one of the events co-ordinators for this year. I have always been a fan of all things DECCS (not just because of the pizza, honest) so am so excited to have a chance to get involved with this incredible society and be a part of what’s to come! I’m currently in 4th year, and love all things acute so am hoping to get into anaesthetics and/or pre-hospital medicine, especially in rural settings. Outside of this, you can find me wandering around up north, playing squash (badly) or anything else involving food.

Apryl Northrup – Events Co-ordinator

Hello, my name is Apryl and I am one of the events co-ordinators this year! Growing up in the wilderness of Canada gave me an appreciation of how important emergency care is, as well as a passion for it. This is my second year being involved in the DECCS committee. I am overjoyed to be planning and organizing of DECCS events and to work with such a fantastic group of students and professionals. I’m thrilled to be a part of this fantastic society and excited for the plans DECCS has in store!

Katie Bone – Year 2 Rep

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Scott McIldowie – Year 3 Rep

Hello, I’m Scott and this year I will be the 3rd year representative for DECCS. This means I am the main point of contact between my year group and the society. As this is my first year in DECCS I will be bringing my new member enthusiasm to the society and look forward to working alongside my year group and the rest of DECCS.

Emily Brown – Year 4/BMSc Rep

Hey I’m Emily and I’m 4th year/BMSc rep. I’ll be the main point of contact for my year and will be advertising and helping organise events. I’m intercalating in Medical Education and I’m very interested in a career in emergency medicine so being a part of DECCS is a perfect way to combine teaching with a specialty I enjoy. I’m so excited to be back on the committee this year and can’t wait for what we’ve got planned for the year ahead!

Emma Godson – Year 5 Rep

My name is Emma and I am currently a fifth year at Dundee. I’ve been involved with DECCS from my 2nd year in various ways: teaching, events organising and now year rep. It is a fantastic society & I am proud to be a part of, in particular I think the ABCDE nights are invaluable for students. My BSc year was a prehospital medicine degree down in London, where I was lucky enough to have join world-class teachers and practitioners, and hope to bring this experience back to DECCS. I have an interest in the Human Factors side of delivering excellent acute care, and hope to add some of this to teaching sessions in a realistic, practical way. Sadly I will be away from Dundee at some points throughout the year, but please get in touch if there’s anything I can help with, and I’ll see you at the events!

Danielle Cunningham – Teaching Roles

Hi I’m Danielle Cunningham, I’m currently in my final year of medicine and this is my second year having a role within DECCS. I have one of the teaching roles and I’m excited to be part of such a great society. I first became interested in emergency and critical care a few years ago when I carried out some modules in A&E and ICU and ever since I’ve been hooked!!

Kathryn Brice – Teaching Role

Hi, my name’s Kathryn and I currently hold one of the teaching roles on the DECCS committee. I am now in 5th year and I have been strongly considering a career in emergency/trauma medicine for several years now. This is my second year with the society as an official committee member and I was lucky enough to attend many of their events over the years as a participant. I am honoured to be a part of such a great society – being given the opportunity to carry on the passionate work from previous years is so exciting!

Gillian Miller – Teaching Role

Hi! I’m Gillian, I’m in 5th year. I’m so excited for my role this year in DECCS as I love emergency and critical care and more importantly, I love to teach! I have been to lots of DECCS events since starting uni – I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to give something back. I’m doing my elective in A&E and anesthetics and hope that I will learn even more during this time and can reflect on my experience to further my teaching skills. I want to pursue a career in Emergency medicine, and am so excited for this year and for my role in DECCS!  Fun fact: I love to ski/go on holiday. Nightmare: sticking to the union floor. Favourite OSCE: ABCDE. Guilty pleasure: infectious diseases

Emily Tang – Teaching Role

Hey, I’m Emily and I’m excited to be a new member of the committee! This year I’m intercalating in Medical Education, which fits perfectly with my teaching role with DECCS. I’m looking forward to the year ahead and will be bringing my ABCDE game. Emergencies can happen anywhere so outside of DECCS you can find me playing my violin, on the netball court or in the swimming pool.