1st Year ABCDE Night

Following the lunchtime lecture on ABCDE essentials, DECCS was back at it again with our practical session last Tuesday! After a few slices of (free!)Dominoes each for all the participants, the first years were ready to put into practice what they had learned and get cracking with the different ABCDE stations that we had set up.  And boy were we impressed with the way you guys handled all the stations- definitely setting the bar high for next year! We were also happy to see you guys put your ABCDEssentials into use, being a new lecture this year it seemed to have really helped reinforce the ins and outs of ABCDE. But the best part of our session was that it wasn’t just first years who got to experience our ABCDE night – that’s right , DECCS took over the UoD Snapchat for the night! With our firetruck red T-shirts and love for all things emergency medicine we  got a pretty snazzy story up which you can check out below or on Twitter

A lot of work goes behind the scenes in putting on these events for you guys. Whether it’s the actual organization or teaching, keeping up a high standard of learning is an important part of DECCS. And we here at DECCS are also constantly learning along with you guys. The DECCS committee got together for a teaching session run by our senior committee members Sophie Thomson and Laura Barry to polish up our teaching skills so we could be ready for any questions that you guys might have had during your ABCDE nights! If you guys still have questions do comment below and we’ll do our best to answer!

The semester’s coming to an end and you might think we’re winding down but our 1st year night is just the beginning to the festive season! Keep your eyes peeled for our ever popular ICU night and our 3rd year ABCDE night with new and improved content (Glasgow Coma Scale!)

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